Angel Investors (to be)

Indians from every walk of life — actors, sport star, lawyers, doctors, diamond merchants, exporters, corporate executives, professional chief executives and entrepreneurs — are all getting hooked to the idea of Angel investing is this new rage. It seems there is a fear of missing out. It is drawing one and all — some smart and passionate, others greedy and impatient category together. But basic questions are:-

How do people get started?

When is the right time?

What are pre requisites?

Having excess money is everything?

ANGELS Getting started

  • Make sure you set aside RISK CAPITAL for angel investing
  • UNDERSTAND RISKS associated with angel investing
  • CONNECT with startup evangelists
  • Join ANGEL GROUPS or platform
  • Develop your own INVESTMENT THESIS
  • Actively participate in STARTUP Q&As
  • When ready write the FIRST CHEQUE

ANGELS Checklist

  • Invest with SYNDICATE (ANGEL) NETWORK rather than alone
  • Invest in startup people & TEAMS PASSION
  • Invest in strong DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS that demonstrate scale of business
  • Invest at LOW VALUATIONS and not in rush
  • Invest not only money but also YOUR CONNECT and networks beneficial to startups
  • Invest in what you know as DOMAIN OR SECTOR or vertical expert
  • Invest with EXIT IN MIND as every investment has life and defined period.

We look forward to assist any on boarding angels of the recent times due to structural changes in economy and startups becoming most favourite asset class of investments now.

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