• Leadership Traits of a successful ENTREPRENEUR

    #Renegades, #rebels, #worldchangers, #innovators, #passionate dreamers, black sheep, #risk takers, #workaholics are some of the names people designate #successful #entrepreneurs with. They are different set of breeds who have high emotional intelligence to balance relationships, emotions, happiness and success.

    In the current dynamic and volatile complex world, its cru...

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  • Build businesses (not) for investors

    How many people reading this have a startup?

    How many people reading this are trying to raise capital for that startup?

    The fundamental problem with startups today is that many are founded with an exit strategy focus only. However, it is our firm belief that no company should be founded simply to be sold. Companies should grow organically. Yes, successful startu...

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  • Angel Investors (to be)

    Indians from every walk of life — actors, sport star, lawyers, doctors, diamond merchants, exporters, corporate executives, professional chief executives and entrepreneurs — are all getting hooked to the idea of Angel investing is this new rage. It seems there is a fear of missing out. It is drawing one and all — some smart and passionate, others greedy and impatient ca...

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  • Pepsico Innovation

    Pepsico’s approach towards innovation has been quite holistic. It didn’t restrict its focus to beverages only but it also goes an extra mile to satisfied its consumers and bring new opportunities in the market.

    Pepsico Innovation cell has organized an expert talk inviting us to share our insights about ‘HOW TO FUND YOUR IDEA’.

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  • Biggest challenges for startup entrepreneurs

    What if one can travel in future and come back with all best ingredients of a successful entrepreneur to build a great company for tomorrow?

    Since we have worked with many exceptional entrepreneurs in the past that has helped us to share the recipe for success amidst business challenges that every startup has to face as below:

    1) #Business idea

    Its not ...

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  • Challenges faced by SMEs today!

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the key driving force for the economic growth of India by contributing 45% to industrial output, 40% to exports as well as providing employment to more than 70 million people.

    While SMEs are crucial driving force in Indian economic growth, the sector however is facing challenges which are proving to be an impediment in their grow...

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  • Companies Bill 2013 and Mergers & Acquisitions Impact

    The new Companies Bill proposes seminal changes in the manner in which Companies are governed and regulated in India & brings easy and efficient way of doing business in India, better governance, improves levels of transparency while enhancing accountability, inculcating self compliance and making Corporate socially responsible. The bill could potentially trigger a spate ...

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